My dog won't listen

We recently adopted a 6 month old puppy from a shelter.. While he is settling in well and has begun to grasp a few commands like sit and stay he seems that sometimes he only wants to listen when he feels like it.. Like if there is food around, he won't even look at you if you tell him to sit or stay or call his name.. And it's literally impossible to get him to listen when he decides not to.. Any suggestions on how to correct this?

Asked by Member 1098743 on Mar 10th 2012 in Commands
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Yes, keep training sessions short and fun:) Use lots of treats. It is also important to use food and other distractions during your training. I sometimes have my dog in a sit stay and drop a treat on the floor, if she goes for it I cover it up and put her back in her stay, no words necessary. If she ignores the dropped treat she gets handed one and praised. be creative! Try to think of ways to make training a game. He's probably a smart puppy and is testing the limits, don't let him ignore you but don't make training drudgery. If it's fun he will want to obey so he can learn more and win rewards. Give freely when he is good and don't let him get any reward out of ignoring you

Skarlet answered on 3/10/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer

Otto 2011-2013 sleep well ange

I agree with Skarlet. I make training super fun [it really keeps the stress off both you and the dog if its fun vs a chore], but make sure he knows you're alpha dog too.... my dogs both went through their 'snobby teenage-boy' stage where they decided they could do what they wanted... both of them made it through that in a few months. However, my Pit bull mix, Otto, does like to pull a few tricks on me... He sometimes decides to have no clue what 'come' means & stands there, staring at me with a tilted head when I call him. It all depends on whichever he takes best, sometimes I will start running away from him or pat my thighs & it works, other times I will have to stern my voice up a bit & make sure he knows I'm not letting him play dumb on me. It really all depends on how your puppy is. Just don't ever give up. =] I'm sure he's an absolutely amazing dog. :)

Otto 2011-2013 sleep well ange answered on 3/20/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer