My dog won't eat help! Hi I've recently had my boyfriend's 2 Jack Russells come live with us. They are lovely and amazin

Strange eating habits

Asked by Member 1194938 on Oct 17th 2013 Tagged eatinghabits in Behavior & Training
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Tasha (in memory)

Define strange. Dogs are space-oriented and may be scared from the move, especially if they feed off of each other's nervousness. Some calming spray may help them adjust temporarily. Did you change your dog's food; he might not like the new stuff. Ensure he's drinking water and start with favorite treats like a Greenie to get him settled in. I wouldn't be happy if two barky little dogs were put in my territory, especially if I used to have it to myself. If you do not live in a large home this is very unfair to your dog. He is also playing second fiddle to the guy that he probably does not like either, which may be more of a problem than the dogs. Give your dog EXTRA ATTENTION and have your guy do the same. If your dog does not like your man, trust that he knows something that you don't... and be cautious. ^_^ Dogs are rarely wrong in this area...

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