My dog will not quit growling and barking at my 28 ye old son. He even sits by the steps and waits for him to move so he

My dog is a 2 yr old Lapsing apso whesrte rescued.

Asked by Member 1085245 on Jan 17th 2012 Tagged barking, lapsoapso in Barking
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It appears that your dog wants to show your son some dominance. It is important that your son doesn't come off as a potential threat to the dog's space when approaching him, as well as avoid showing himself fearful of the growling and the doggy himself. Make your son slowly but assertively approach the dog while at the same time you (or the pack leader of you household) corrects any signs of aggression doing the 'tsch!' sound or giving a soft and firm touch on the dog's side or chest. Be consistent and patient and avoid feeling nervous or losing your temper as this might reinforce the dog into feeling threatened and/or fearful. Repeat this exercise until you notice the dog is fully comfortable with your son standing next to him. It's quite a bit of work but try to oversee every time your dog is approached by your son so he can be corrected. If it works you can proceed to tell your son to try to pet the dog so the former can see that your son means no harm. Good luck!.

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