My dog was diagnosed with sterile nodular paniculitis. He is not responding to treatment well.

He is currently on prednisone, doxycycline and vitamin E. we have been fighting with this for 7 months now and not much improvement:( does anyone have any suggestions?

Asked by Member 1137927 on Oct 27th 2012 in Other Health & Wellness
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It is my understanding that antibiotics are contraindicated UNLESS cultures have been done to find the bacteria present, in which case, it is no longer considered sterile paniculitis and treatment would be the indicated antibiotic.
I have also heard that topical application of cyclosporin or other like drugs can be helpful in cases of true sterile nodular paniculitis where there is no infection or bacteria present in the cultures.
Has your vet cultured the nodules or submitted tissue samples to come up with this disease?
It is also helpful to avoid ANY vaccinations or other stressors to the immune system as a healthy immune system is extremely important in fighting paniculitis.
Good luck!

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