My dog urinates in his cage and we take him out 3-4 times a day.We punish him but he's just not getting it!

Asked by Member 1159022 on Mar 16th 2013 Tagged terroir, soiling, crate, punish, not, getting, it in House Soiling
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Punishing him after the fact is only going to make him afraid of you AND likely to develop submissive peeing.
How much time is he spending in his crate and how old is he? Without this information, we can't really help you.
A young puppy (8 weeks- 14 weeks) needs to go out to pee about every hour, and should not be left in that crate for more than a couple hours at a time as he needs exercise and play time to grow properly both mentally and physically.
Depending on his background, for example if he is a pet store puppy, he has likely been forced to use his crate as a bathroom, so he will need more time to learn about housebreaking. If his crate is too big he can get away from his urine and will therefore not hesitate to use the crate to go.
Please do not punish him for doing this...until you have taught him where to go and give him enough opportunity to go out often, more than three or four times a day, punishing is only teaching fear! You need to praise and reward for going outs

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I am not sure if this is one of those "joke" questions but if it's not, I can't even begin to explain the things wrong here and even on your very vague question......First, 3 4 times a day??? Is that all you go to the bathroom? Do you have him in his cage day and night????? And finally, punishing your dog for peeing will get you NOWHERE!!!!!!
Your dog is a dog, and has to pee!! So instead of punishing him for doing the natural, hmmmm, maybe try showing him the right place to go, when he has an accident take him outside, praise him for going outside, STOP punishing your dog for peeing!! He needs to learn. Also I would be peeing on the floor to if I was only allowed to go to the bathroom 3 times a day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I really hope this was not a serious question, if so, I feel SO bad for your dog

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