my dog twitches at night and can't get comfortable. Kind of like restless leg syndrome for dogs. What's wrong with him?

My dog twitches at night when he is trying to sleep and seems like it really bothers him because he can't get comfortable. He will keep moving around after his leg or is body jumps. It's like he has restless leg syndrome for dogs. What is wrong with him? I feel so bad for him when this happens and it doesn't happen every night but atleast 1-2 times per week. I feel so helpless. I just want him to be comfortable. He's a 4 and a half year old yellow lab if that helps.

Asked by Member 526297 on Nov 5th 2007 Tagged dogillnesses in Health & Wellness
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Yep, it does help that you gave age & his breed, but this is still just a shot in the dark.

It is abnormal for a 4 yr old to be experiencing arthritis and other "aches & pains" at his age, but because of the common trend of obese dogs at this day in time the added weight causes extreme stress on the joints and thus makes movements that we feel are easy...difficult.

Is everything the same at your house? Try to reveal a trend among these times, such as: was it colder that day? did he exercise more that day? or less?

Hips can be an issue, or maybe any part of any leg. I know Oreo had strained himself and only showed his limp on rare occassions, (where the vet had to WAIT to see it happen after walking in his office A LOT), and then there was no cure for him but bed rest.

That said, there's SO many numerous possibilities that can literally be felt by your vet quicker than any person can type out a response. There's no replacement to an experienced hands on exam.

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