My dog tore her pads off her front paws. What do I do?

Took my dog down to the river today and she ran so hard that she peeled back the pads on both her front feet. Neither bled at all, in fact she hardly seemed to care. But she's clearly sore. What in the world do I do? Should I bandage her up? Take her to a vet? How normal is this?

Asked by Cashew on Jun 25th 2011 Tagged paws, pads, tornopen, run in Emergencies & First Aid
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This is a very common injury for many dogs. Feet pads heal quickly, but make sure you keep them clean and dry and keep her inside until they are healed as more injury will occur if she is running around too much.
I usually apply some neosporin ointment to make sure they don't get infected. Bandaging doesn't work well as either the dog becomes obsessed with the bandage and chews it off, thereby causing more injury or it creates a too warm, moist environment which allows bacteria to multiply much faster.
Gently rinse her feet after she's been out to relieve herself (LEASH ONLY!) and keep her off her feet as much as possible.
Watch for infection... if they get swollen, hot and red or pussy, get her to the vet.

answered on Jun 26th.

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I dont think this is normal at all a dogs pads should not come off or peel off that spells bad news to me bandage her up and take her to the vet but make sure the area is cleaned well this might hurt her a little keep her calm and if needed have someone hold her so she doesnt bite you while you clean her wounds the vet will tell you what needs to be done after the vet checks her out and the vet might keep her for a couple of days while she heals to see if his/her method has worked

*Tommy* answered on 6/25/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Some dogs have very sensitive paw pads. Maybe Cashew is one of them? Since it doesn't sound severe enough for surgery, I recommend checking out Here are 2 awesome products you can use to help heal up the pads, relieve pain, & help block out infection: Paw Cream & Hot Spots/Wound Spray. Both are 100% Organic and Non Toxic; no chemicals are used. The paw cream will last longer than the spray, but if the pads are still pretty raw, you might want to start with the spray to speed up healing, then apply the cream in a couple days. You can use them both together too and it won't hurt Cashew. Check them out and see what you think! Hope this helps; good luck.

Wyatt answered on 6/28/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer