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My dog suddenly started digging

My female dog who is almost 2 (we think) has suddenly started digging holes in the back yard. I noticed one hole the day before yesterday and didn't think much of it. Then I saw another one yesterday. She doesn't spend tons of time out there (she gets cold and begs to come in) and we play inside a lot. Why would she suddenly start digging? I do not want a yard full of holes. Any advice?

Asked by Harper Lee on Mar 6th 2009 Tagged suddenlydigging in Digging
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She looks part Terrier and these dogs love to dig. It helps them with their natural need to find small vermine.
And sometimes it can be a habit. Some dogs love to dig, it feels good on their nails, it is fun, and it helps them blow off energy pent up inside.
the best thing you can do is buy a kids sand box and show her that is where she digs. hide some toys under the sand and show her. Or you build a sand box and make it as deep as you want. I think there is also white sand and that is used in pools for filters and it is more likely not to stick to the dog.

answered on Mar 7th.

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Has she been fixed? If not then she might be comeing in heat trying to find a mate. Or if she has been fixed she might be bord Try walking her every day to make sure she gets lots of exercis. You might get her so chew bouns for her to have when she is in the yard. And you might whant to get a id tag to put on her color just in case she gets out of the yard you can find her.

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