My dog seems to like my mom more and won't be in another room without her; what can I do?

I've got a deaf dog who's mostly english pointer. She's about 9 months I think, though i'm not absolutely sure. Even though i'm the one who takes her on walks and trains her she doesn't like to be with me. She doesn't even like it as much if I pet her or anything. She seems to prefer other people even though they mostly ignore her. If I take her upstairs and someone else is home then she'll whine and bark and scratch at the door until I take her back downstairs. It's the same in the morning when Mom goes up to take a shower. The worst time is at night though. I give her a treat every time I take her to bed and yet she still whines and whatnot at the door and it takes quite a while to get her calmed down. It seems to be getting worse each night.

Asked by Member 1162614 on Apr 1st 2013 Tagged whining, bedtime, love in Behavior & Training
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