My dog scratched her eye how can I keep her comfortable until I can get her to the vet on monday

Asked by Member 1142080 on Nov 24th 2012 in Health & Wellness
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You want to flush it out with cool and clean water, cover it with a gauze pad and figure out how to affix it to her head, put an e-collar ("cone of shame" from the pet store) on her so she can't pull of the gauze, and give some aspirin, NOT ibuprofen. You'll find dosage information here:

Eyes heal quickly, so if it's a simple abrasion, it may be healed by the time you make it to the vet if you keep the eye clean and closed and keep her from messing with it. She may need antibiotic and/or numbing drops for her eyes. The problem is that, if the injury is worse than a simple abrasion and you have waited to treat it, your dog may suffer from temporary or permanent vision loss.

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