my dog oreo is not the sweetest dog to have what should i do?

Oreo is a Blue Heeler mixed with a Poodle. He bit one of my neighbors on the leg and she's mad at us and she sued us. i have tried to train him but the only thing he likes to eat is cooked food, he gets sick and starts throwing up. please help me i dont want to get rid of him!i luv him!

Asked by Member 1153157 on Feb 1st 2013 in Aggression
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All dogs need pack structure and most dog owners don't a clue what it is,most breeders don't even know.Dogs must be treated like wild animals it's what the Lord wanted so in the dog world a family is a pack and how many members are in your pack will be ranked first to last.Dogs are made by the Lord for this to happen so rank must be settled, dogs will fight and bite and growl do everything the Lord wanted them to do for the strongest to survive for thier future.You must let a wild animal like a dog come to you before you go to it and this could take weeks.These animals need a raw diet like 75% raw meaty bones 25% raw green pulp vegs,salmon oil is excellent your dog won't like the raw diet for a while cause you've trained it to eat what you give it,chicken is excellent,small dog grind it untill they can do want the Lord wanted,natural yogurt,raw egg is the best friend for a dog as it's the best for protein go online look for Raw&Natural Nutrition for dogs,most vets say dog biscuits

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First: IGNORE the previous poster. It IS TOTAL CRAP!!!!
Dominance/pack theory is the bailiwick of the uninformed Millan-heads. It has been TOTALLY disproved.
Now. You have not given enough information to give you any detailed help. Yes, training will help. You can use his meal as training treats, given in little bites. really need a certified behaviourist, not a trainer, to come assess your issues & make a plan just for you.
Was it a full on bite? Was it a herding-like nip? What was the body language like before the bite? What was the situation?
Please repost this in the Behavior & Training Forum on the main Community Forums. We can get a dialogue going where you can answer our questions, give us more info, and we can answer back.
Answers is a one shot ask, once, & we can only respond once.
Whatever you do please, please, please do NOT follow the other Guest's advice. You will end up with a totally aggressive animal that will likely need to be put down.

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I've been around Australian Cattle Dogs (blue heelers) my whole life. I'm hoping that bit on the leg, just means your dog nipped the neighbor. This is a common herding technique used by this breed. I've seen some great advice on situations like this offered by the Australian Cattle Dog Rescue Association (ACDRA). Here's the addres to their site: You should try contacting them and asking for advice. They will ask you a lot of questions to get to the heart of what happened, but just hang with them and they should be able to help you.

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