Asked by Member 1015843 on Dec 16th 2010 Tagged dogmouthing in Chewing
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Some dogs have better bite inhibition than others. How old is the dog? Is this a problem for you? Has he always been like this? If you want him to stop, treat it like you would a bite...Yelp LOUDLY, then ignore or crate the dog for a few minutes. Every time the dog's teeth touch your hand repeat. Make sure you have plenty of appropriate chewies for him & praise like crzy when he chews those. My younger dog loves taking my arm/hand in his mouth & leads me down the path when we're walking.

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Alot of retrievers are mouthie but with a soft mouths.Try to replace your wrist with a toy each time he mouths you. I had a Golden who did this when i would get home. I kept a basket of toys near the front door. I would walk in and give him a toy right away.

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It's just a puppy thing, but you have to correct it. When my dog did this I just said OUCH like it really hurt and then said "no bite". I then extended my hand and put it into his mouth saying gentle in a soft soothing voice. He learned very fast.

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My German Shepherd does this to me, too. She just kinda gnaws and licks it for a second and then lets go. It's nothing aggressive. I've also had a very friendly Gordon Setter do this to me. I don't understand it either, but if you're uncomfortable with it, tell your dog "no" and pull away. Maybe spritz it with water or do something else that's unpleasant.

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Funny, my puppy was just doing this to me. When he gets tired, he puts his mouth around my wrist while he yawns and then gently closes. He'll open and shut his mouth without much pressure and I think it's a way to stretch his jaws and flex his throat muscles. He could be teething just a little but still has all of his puppy teeth.

He won't do this in play because we immediately repeat the following every single time: "ah-ah! no nip!" while removing our hand/shirt/hair etc. replacing with a toy and then we pause and say, "good boy, play!" It only took him a few days to catch on, that mom and dad are not toys.

Anyway, I believe that the first behavior of gently opening and closing is a comfort thing. Not necessarily affection but it's something they do to sticks and toys and maybe to their mothers when they're young. Some are soothed by sucking on a stuffed toy or moistening a bone. I think they're just relaxing and mouthing you out of trust. That's my thought!


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