My dog keeps licking and pawing at his face

My boyfriend took my dogs to the park yesterday and when they came home i noticed that Rambo kept licking his lips and started pawing at his face. I looked in his mouth this morning and didn't see anything. His teeth are a little brown so i wasn't sure if they are starting to bother him. He is only a year and a half so is it possible that his teeth are already going bad (he is a pain in the you know what to brush them)? Any suggestions on what else it could be?

Asked by Rambo on Aug 26th 2009 Tagged lickinglips, pawingatface, teeth in Dental Care
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I don't know what he was chewing on but he has something stuck in his teeth or mouth. Inspect it further so you can manually remove whatever it is.
Rambo needs a toothpick, don't you baby?
Wow, I took a closer look at his photos. He reminds me of my Pit, Woofie. She has been gone 8 years now.

Snickers answered on Aug 26th.

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I would say bathe the entire dog with dog shampoo. I use solid gold shampoos.
I would rinse him very well also.
hope he gets to feeling better.
His teeth shouldn't be bad at this age. But, they sell dog toothpaste and brushes at the petstore.
I would brush them after the bath and see if he is more comfortable.

Dieta answered on 8/26/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer