My dog just threw up. Suggestions?

She hasn't eaten since about 8am and it's 5:30pm now. She's gone to the bathroom already today, so I'm not sure if she ate something she wasn't supposed to (plants, a sock... maybe) or if I should take her to the vet. If she did consume a toxin I would take her to the vet immediately, but I never leave those things out. So if she did eat anything it was probably a plant from the backyard or a piece of clothing stole from the laundry basket. Should I just take her to the vet to check it out just in case?

It could potentially be because of anxiety or excitement, but this is the first time she's thrown up since we've adopted her (about 2 1/2 months ago).

Thank you!

Asked by Member 1196288 on Oct 26th 2013 Tagged food, throwup, health, wellness, puppy, help in Illness & Disease
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Tasha (in memory)

If your animal seems lethargic and does not eat or drink ANYTHING for 24+ hours, you need to bring her in to see the vet. If you do not already know of one, find an emergency vet in your area that is on call or open 24 hours for emergencies. Better safe than sorry, especially this time of year! : ))) ^_^

Tasha (in memory) answered on 12/23/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer