My dog just diagnosed with severe CKD! What do I do?

My 12yr Maltipoo (33lb) diagnosed today w/ CKD, stage 4-5, prognosis "poor". She's been slowly declining for months, lethargic, sleeping more, back end trembling, lumps on her belly, appetite decreasing, coordination, etc. I chalked it up to old age, until today when blood work revealed: 12.9 creatinine, 117 bun, 11.9 phosphorous. Vet was wishywashy. He said her chances are 10%, but they could do an IV overnight to see if levels would improve ($200/night). I got a sense he was trying to sell me services more than having her best interest truly at heart. No recommendation, just left it up to me. He said she probably has "days" left. On one hand, her results are very severe, if I did anything by spending on treatment, it would be short-term. Most/all of her kidney function is gone. Nature should take it's course? OTOH, she doesn't act as bad as she's supposed to. No vomiting, no seizures. She'll eat wet food, not dry anymore. Maybe treatment is worth it? How do you know what to do?

Asked by Member 1185489 on Aug 13th 2013 Tagged ckd, kidneyfailure in Health & Wellness
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