My dog is too protective of me. What can I do?

We took in a 4 mth old pup (Kendra) that was abused and neglected. She is now a year old. I have a medical problem that keeps me from being able to work or drive. It has been a long road training Kendra, even with professional help. She has been aggressive since day one (we saved her from being euthanized.) She went from not wanting to be touched to a dog that is super clingy. I do not baby her at all.I am very firm with her and I set clear boundaries. She is very insecure around new people and dogs and often lunges and growls. She looks to me for reassurance that everything is okay. The problem is that recently my husband (who work a lot) walked her and she was much calmer. He watched how she is with me, and she stands in front of me and watches people as they get close to me. Maybe it is not a good thing that I am with her 24/7. How can I stop her from over protecting me?

Asked by Member 345231 on Nov 12th 2007 Tagged protective, aggression in Aggression
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Does your trainer come to your home to work with you and Kendra, or do you attend group classes?

I think this is a situation that should be addressed with your trainer. A trainer who can observe you in the situations in which Kendra growls and lunges can give you feedback about what you're doing right, what you're doing wrong, and how to change things to get on the right track.

I think there may be a combination of things going on in your situation.

One one hand, you may be expecting Kendra to bark and lunge when you meet people and other dogs, so unconsciously you may be transmitting a kind of, "oh no, here we go" vibe to her. This can be very subtle such as tightening your grip on the leash, for example.

On the other hand, there may be some confusion between you and Kendra in these situations. Looking for reassurance from you is great. But if you tell her "it's okay" and pet her when she growls, that would tell her this is the appropriate behavior you want.

Abby answered on Nov 12th.

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Toby Hopkins

When your dog is protective it means he is uncomfortable with that particular item person thing if he is doing this with many items teach him it is ok if it is an item put it right infront of him have it smell it and he'll be fine

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