My dog is too dependent on me. Any suggestions?

My dog has become very dependant on me. Its lovely because she is my best friend. We sleep together and play together and i talk to her when theres no one else. Of course i dont have a problem with providing for her and walking her. But i always have to yell at her to stop crying, and afterwards she gets upset and seems like shed cry with tears if she could. She cries when i do other things such as computer or homework, or any time shes not sleeping and im not involving her. Even at this moment as im typing this, shes crying because im tired of playing with her. Is there any way i can stop this habit of hers?

Asked by Member 1149480 on Jan 11th 2013 Tagged dog, play, toys, separationdependent, crying in Separation Anxiety
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She probably has a strong case of separation anxiety, lol. This could be easily traing. What you do is have like a cage-like pen. They are VERY roomy. What you do is you place her gently in it along with toys, a bed, and her favorite food/drink.
When she begins to whine, do not enter back into the room until her whining stops. Once she ceases to whine for a short period of time, walk in and reward her with her FAVORITE treat. :D Like pieces of real meat and whatnot. Continue to do this until she begins to realize: "OH! So when I do not whine, I get my owner back and also a treat along with it!" So she starts to expect you. When you continue to leave, come back after a longer period of time when she had stopped whining for even a longer period! THEN you'll know you are gaining progress. After a few times, try it with her in a room and close the door. Continue the steps till she fully stops whining when you leave! :) Just some suggestions. My dog had the same issue and that's what I did.

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It doesn't sound like separation anxiety to me. I would start with a vet check, Make sure there is nothing physical that is making her whine.
Please don't yell at her for whining. It is likely for attention, but yelling at her will be confusing.
Ignoring & a crate can be your best friend here. Stuff a kong with peanut butter or yogurt & freeze it. Get a crate for her. When you are done playing & you want some me time (nothing wrong with that). Put her in the crate with the frozen kong.
As hard as it will be, you need to ignore the whining. It may take up to an hour, but if you give no attention to the whining, it will stop. You will probably feel like a big meanie, but it is for her own good. It teaches her patience & self control. While she is busy chewing her kong quietly, randomly call out "good girl...good quiet". Eventually if you reinforce the quiet independence & ignore the whiny pushiness, she will probably stop the whining.
You can also teach place & have her lie near you.

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