My dog is throwing up and has watery stools. Going to the vet is not a option for us.

I thinks she may have eaten charcoal. Not the instant light kind. Does anyone know how long these symptoms would last if she did eat charcoal, and anything to treat the symptoms. I am afraid she may have parvo. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Asked by Member 875475 on Sep 11th 2009 Tagged eat, charcoal, parvo, vomiting, waterystools in Emergencies & First Aid
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It is quite possible she has a blockage. If so, she may or may not manage to expel it on her own. Laxatives or anything else could kill her. That people have gotten away with it doesn't mean you will. There are too many people with too little experience giving advice.

If by the first of the week, she still has a problem, you must find one way or another to get her to a vet. The only way to save her may be an expensive surgery.

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Cookies 'n' Creme (1998-2011)

If she has parvo, she needs a vet. Period. If money is keeping her from a vet visit, there are several options:
-Go to a low-cost vet (some animal shelters provide this)
-Set up a payment plan with the vet
-Ask for donations

I am a member of a family that is on a limited income and below the US poverty level. We still take our dogs to the vet whenever necessary, and for yearly check-ups. If one absolutely cannot afford a vet, their dog(s) are better off with someone who can. It is against the law in many areas to neglect a pet's medical needs.

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If she has a blockage, she will likely die if she's isn't helped also, charcoal is toxic. Parvo is deadly and hight contagious, usually you see blood in the stool when they have this. I'm sorry but it's your responsiblity to take care of your dog. Not a lecture just the facts, money is tight for everyone but any decent vet will work out a payment schedule with you in whatever price range you can afford. Get on the phone and start calling vets, be honest, explain to them that you think your dog is in real medical trouble but you have no cash to pay right now and try to work it out. Any vet who's a vet because they love animals will work with you. Also try bartering. Whatever you do for a living perhaps you can exchange that service with your vet but you cannot sit home and watch your dog die because of money, it's so not fair to your dog. Think out of the box and please hurry. Good Luck, let us know how it goes.

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Going to the vet never should "not" be an option!...Would you withhold medical treatment from a child?
Sell something of value, pawn your gaming system, borrow the money but it is your legal responsibility to provide vet care to any sick animals under your care!

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Regarding the charcoal - charcoal is used to remove toxins from the body so my guess would be that she will be ok in regards to that. However if it was the SELF LIGHTING type. You need to call your vet NOW!

PARVOvirus is easy to spot once you know the full symptoms.

1) your dog will be off her food
2) She will vomit
3) She will have water stools with possible blood traces.
4) Her poop will smell really foul
5) She will be lethargic and non playful
6) If she vomits at first she may vomit what looks like froth.

Parvo is extremely dangerous in dogs puppies are more at risk.

If she is showing any signs of these symptoms she needs a Vet NOW!

The onset of the virus is very quick and I mean a matter of hours. If left she could die from it.

Good luck and I pray it is not Parvo.

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