my dog is being protective, how do i stop it.

My dog, a 6 month old german shepherd mix, is barking and growling like crazy at some people that we pass when walking. He gets lots of exercise and is well socalized with dogs. He is very sweet and playful to people that he knows, but he does not like strangers. We think that he is being protective over me. How do we get him to stop this behavior? Not the dog in the picture, haha. He is the exact opposite. This is his new brother who i wish were more like Jake!

Asked by Member 651157 on Apr 22nd 2009 in Behavior & Training
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6-10 months is crucial time for socialization. If he is barking at passing people you can use the commands in regular obedience, and feed him as he listens. Then, if possible get people to toss food, keep walking as if they don't see him, and have them not stare or look directly at his face.
Dog should always be on the left hand side of your body. If he crosses your path block him, with a utuutu command, if he ever looks at you and stops any unwanted behavior always feed him immediately. sooner or later he will get the ideal of how to communicate with you instead of acting out. If anything he is feeling fearful or stress with strangers approaching. Make sure he has a leash on and a regular collar to keep control of his movements. Use food of high demand like cooked chicken diced up. take the food with you where you will be training him.

Dieta answered on 4/22/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 2 Report this answer

Lola Penelope

Lola started this behavior a little before she turned 6 months as well. She's 8 months, and although better, still will do it. By better, I mean, she still does the same thing, bark at people and dogs passing our house or strange people approaching us, but now I'm able to snap her out of it a lot quicker by doing what Dieta has suggested. I give here the leave it command when she's barking out the window and give her a treat when she does, which is about 95% of the time now. When some one comes to the door, I have her sit and stay, where she can see the person but is about 5 ft away. when the person comes in, I give them a treat to give to Lola and after Lola takes it the guest gives her a chin or chest rubs and then everything is good. (Lola does not like her head petted). On walks, if someone she doesn't know approaches, I have them stop and have Lola approach them. If this is allowed she is great, if they keep approaching she barks w/ hackles. its still work in progress.

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