My dog is an 11 years old lab who has started panting heavy, won't eat, and his tail stay's straight down.

He has been to the vet for his hips, which we give him asprin and joint supplement. His nose is moist and cool. He looks like he just can't get comfortable. There are times he wants outside and I can't get him back into the house. It has been too cold for him to be out too long. I am afraid that he will wonder off and die.

Asked by Member 784123 on Dec 28th 2008 Tagged panting in Health & Wellness
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It sounds like you are dealing with a very serious health issue. How long ago did you take him to the vet? Did you mention that he was not eating? Lack of appetite is a definite sign of a major health problem, especially in an older dog. If you told the vet about the lack of appetite, panting, and his tail not moving, what did the vet say? If you did not tell the vet about these things, please take your dog back and get the vet's advice.

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