My dog is a little over a year old. She can stay in her crate over night for up to 13 hours with out peeing, (I work 12

I have a shihpoo who is a little over a year. She is spayed. We bought her in September so we've had her for about 4 months. She does have separation anxiety issues. She will pee on the carpet about every hour when out of crate. She can stay in the crate for over 12 hours without peeing in it. We've never had an accident in the crate. She does not have any cues for when she pees, she full out randomly squats on the floor. I have tried making a noise and taking her right outside and saying no pee outside. I have tried bell training, but she is scared of the bells. I have tried giving treats, positive reinforcement, discipline (vet recommended), Ive tried keeping her in her crate to get her on a schedule. I've tried to watch for signs, she doesn't have any for peeing. We've only had one issue with pooping in the house. I'm going crazy. We use a SPOT Bot to clean the areas she is peeing in and she never pees in the same spot.

Asked by Member 1080525 on Dec 29th 2011 Tagged pottying in House Soiling
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Gray Dawn Treader

How long did you stick to each of these methods? Housetraining can take a lot of patience, and is not learned overnight. You just need to stick to it.

I'd also try using a higher value reward. Maybe she is not treat motivated. If that is so, try rewarding her with something else. Does she enjoy playing? Praise like crazy when she does the right thing and reward with a play session.
Set her up for success. When you let her out of the crate, let her out right away.

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