My dog hates only 1 dog, my neighbor's dog - how can I stop her from barking, jumping, pulling every time we pass by?

My 2 yo female golden doodle, who loves other dogs and loves all people, hates my neighbor's 2 yo yellow lab male. When I start her on a walk, she knows we have to walk by his house, and starts to bark like crazy, pull, jump, until we pass his house, then she's fine. Same thing in the truck when we drive by. The yellow lab barks as well, and even knows my truck and will bark when I don't have my dog with me. I don't know how to stop this behavior! The 2 dogs went to puppy school for a short time when my dog was 12 weeks & he was 8 weeks, and she disliked him then. She was social and well behaved and then he joined the clas and she jumped him. The trainer said some dogs just don't like certain other dogs. My dog has never acted like that with any other dog. I'm starting to dread walks and rides because my dog goes so crazy! I have to go by their house to get to the main road so there is no way around the route either. Suggestions?

Asked by Maggie on Jun 10th 2010 Tagged goldendoodle, barking, dislikes in Behavior & Training
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Your dog is still young and may be deciding who she does and doesn't like. Maybe it is the size, or gender. Who knows. We don't like every human being, and dogs aren't required to like every dog. People think that their dog needs to be friends with every dog. Not true.

Make passing by the house a POSITIVE thing. When you see your dog start to become reactive, give her a high quality food item (cooked steak, cooked liver, pepperoni, etc). Something that really grabs her attention and she rarely gets. If she is toy driven, use a favorite toy. You want to associate the dog with good things. Don't tug, tighten, or jerk on the leash, etc. That will associate bad things with the lab. PRAISE THE WHOLE TIME!

Once you have passed the house/dog, take away the treat. You want to only associate the house/dog with those high value treats.

This is something that could take awhile, so be patient and don't rush! Also, you need to stay calm too. Dogs can feel your emotions.

McKayla answered on Jun 10th.

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Pamela       -    Adopted!!!!

I'm not convinced they don't like each other, they may be frustrated because they are never allowed to play. Most dogs play rougher together than they do with people. We don't always understand or like the way they play. I can't believe 8 and 12 week old puppies dislike each other. At that age it's all play.

Either way the solution is the same.

You must keep calm and relaxed, no tension on the leash. The dogs are barking out of habit and you probably brace for it.

Bring something your dog really likes on your walks to use as a distraction while passing this dog. If your dog can ignore him, he will stop barking too.

If she's toy or ball crazy - bring that - pull it out while passing the Lab's house. If it's food - use a really special treat, lots of little pieces so you can feed her continuously while passing the Lab's house.

If she barks etc. Take the food/toy back and turn her away from the house until she pulls it together, then try again. Practice a lot!

Pamela - Adopted!!!! answered on 6/10/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


I agree with the previous poster. I think it is like that will all neighbor dogs. If they are never allowed to play, its like torture to them. They try to constantly play with each other.

Keep her distracted when passing the Labrador's house with a treat or toy. I agree with everything the other poster said :D

Brutus answered on 6/10/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


try teaching a focused healing. Will take some time and lots of practice but that can get you by in time with no reactions. Use food. I use real food not dry treats.
Once the dog knows if he heals and is looking at you he gets food his obsession with the other dog will disappear as he will be more interested in getting some fab food rather then worrying about his enemy the lab.
good luck!

Dieta answered on 6/11/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer