My dog has stomach twitching/spasms. Please help!

They last for quite a few mintues and have happened numerous times. We asked our vet, and he said if it doesn't bother our dog (how do you tell) then it isn't anything. He didn't run tests or anything. What could it be?

Asked by Mason on Jun 18th 2008 in Illness & Disease
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I'm sorry to hear that Mason is having tummy problems. I'm not sure what it could be but If my momma took me to a vet and he didn't even run any tests on me I know she wouldn't take me back there again. I would try a second opinion. I mean it's not twitching for no reason at all; it could be nothing at all like he said but how would he know without running any test? I do hope you find out what it is. Keep us informed!

COCO answered on 6/18/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


If the vet isn't concerned, I'd venture to guess it is one of two things.

First, it could be simple muscle spasms. You know how you get a little twitchy muscle in your leg or near your eye sometimes? It happens to everyone at one time or another. That definitely happens with dogs (or any animal with a muscle system!) and generally isn't anything to worry about.

Or, it could be just a slightly upset tummy. There are so many smooth muscles under the skin and that are involved in digestion that sometimes dogs tummies make noises and also appear to rumble, too.

If any legs or the head ever become involved, you might ask your vet for test to confirm seizure activity, but I HIGHLY DOUBT that this is what is happening here.

Epilepsy and other conditions which cause seizures usually appear quite different, with involvement of more than just one body area. But, if you're very worried, ask your vet for more info on why he's NOT worried and you might have your answer right there!

Jack answered on 6/18/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer