My dog has started going into rooms and lays down by herself away from us. Why?

Asked by Member 1140580 on Nov 14th 2012 Tagged laying, weirdbehavior, odd, loneliness in The Dogster Website
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Kali earned her wings 10/21/14

If your dog is older, then she might just want some quiet time. That's not unusual. Although, if she doesn't interact with her usual routine at all, then you might want a vet to check her out. Also, sometimes, if the room is cooler, they like to lay on the cool floors. Good Luck!

Kali earned her wings 10/21/14 answered on 11/14/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I have a dog that does this also. He does this to get away from the other animals so that he can nap in peace. But we also have an older dog that will go and curl up in her bed because she is cold. Just may be something to bring up to the vet the next time you go in.

Dunkin answered on 11/16/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer