My dog has itchy black lumps

Well as a new pet owner im confused at what to do, the dog is not new and his old, maybe 6-8 years old? or somewhere around there. Well thats what the previous owner told me

when we first got the small dog he was fine except for a bad ear infection, the previous owner gave us medicine for the dog and it cleared up

Now there are black small itchy lumps situated at the back, near his tail it seems like its spreading but im not quiet sure, his been scratching his armpits? and hind legs to the point where he bleeds and yelps His also been face rubbing with his paw alot

The black small itchy lumps are hard and solid, what should i do?

I think its an allergic reaction to the shampoo we've been using or it might be fleas/ticks what do you think i should do? im worried for its health at the moment because it cant stop scratching itself

Asked by Member 906022 on Oct 29th 2009 in Skin Problems
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it could be a food allergy, check out the food and nutrition forum It could be fleas, make sure you have treated the dog, house and grounds and it could be mange too. You need to see a vet who is familiar with skin conditions and get this taken care of. He can tell you what he thinks is wrong.

You could also post on the dog health forum if you would like an ongoing discussion of the problem and suggestions for taking care of it.

Thanks for taking in an adult when he lost his home, he will repay you a thousand times over for giving him a home and helping him with this problem.

Good Luck

Fritz answered on 10/29/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


It could be a vast number of things from mites to food.
So the vet is the best choice.
If it is spreading and the dog is loosing hair down to his skin then mites might be the first guess.
But, that is what this might become guessing. A vet can do tests to prove or disprove what the dog has. I would invest the time and money at the vets first if it were my dog. If you go through entire coat and see no fleas then he doesn't have them. Flea shampoos dry the coat out. And if you don't rinse it out very well then perhaps some of the shampoo has settled on his skin making him itch worse.
A dog can become sick and get sores from flea shampoo's. The more reasonable thing to choose is a preventative like Frontline, you can read about it online and buy it at Petsmart or your vets.
So, I say the vet is your first answer.

Dieta answered on 10/29/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I agree, he needs to see a vet. It sounds to me like it could be a thyroid problem which requires a blood test to confirm. But, the meds for treatment are quite inexpensive, relatively speaking.
Good luck

Member 641257 answered on 10/29/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Miss Priss

Hi - Sorry your dog is having troubles - sounds like excessive yeast.
I would have the vet check this dog for mange mites first...
To control yeast bacteria and allergies - a grain-free food and supplements can help:
see here:
It is about a bulldog with skin problems:

Miss Priss answered on 10/29/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer