My dog has been diagnosed with Lyme Disease, he was limping and acting like his legs were lame, anyone had experience?

Rooney, who was adopted in March, has had a rough time. In April he slid coming down the stairs and started limping afterwards. Had the vet check at clinic, said no break but if continues get x-rayed. 2 wks later next vet x-rayed and said no break but let's try exploratory arthroscopic surgery on the joint (read open wallet and let money pour out) to see if we can find anything amiss. Gave him rimadyl for a week and I let him rest, he's been great, no limp. Wed he's scheduled to be neutered and start's limping on 2 legs and has temp of 105!! Vet says can't do neuter while lame and asks what's wrong with him. Gave him history and he says he things it's Lyme, runs a test which was a weak positive result and gave Rooney Doxycycline for a month but no pain meds. Rooney acts like nothing is wrong at all next day, no limp nothing. This is driving me crazy!!! Has anyone had a dog have Lyme or recover so quickly with Doxy? Lots of ticks here but using Frontline!!! so mad!!!

Asked by Rooney on Jun 5th 2009 Tagged lyme, lameness, frontline, doxycycline, rimadyl, limping in Illness & Disease
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Maverick had a weak positive last year too. He recovered quickly and now is doing just fine! It scared me because he is getting up there in age, but he recovered quickly. We have a lot of ticks in TN and it seems it doesn't matter how much advantix I give them they still get them! I just have to check on a regular basis to be sure to get them as quickly as possible!

Feel better Rooney!

Maverick answered on 6/5/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Miss Priss

Wow - Yes, you have been taken advantage of by the vet office!
Wow - can't believe Exploratory surgery????

Just some Healthy supplements may have fixed this entire problem-
See here:
bulldog ? limping and Lyme's Disease:

Miss Priss answered on 6/6/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer