my dog has allergies and has recently had a significant episode of reverse sneezing

He was by his vet 2 days ago and was examined under anesthesia to rule out aspiration/foreign body/tumor; none were found. His nasal passages and sinuses, tonsils were very inflammed but the mucus was clear. He was given IV steroid and Benadryl. He is now on oral Benadryl but does not seem to be improving - the reverse sneezing has stopped but his breathing is very noisy, he appears to be quite uncomfortable. I am a pediatric nurse and his behavior is very reminiscent of young children with acute asthma, though the respiratory noise is nasal, not chest. I will return to the vet tomorrow if he does not improve but wonder if there is more I should be looking for or doing for him.

Asked by Member 1066657 on Oct 27th 2011 in Allergies
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It sounds like you are doing everything you can. Being a nurse, you have a leg up on many of us on what is going on. I think the best thing is to work with the vet and try to see if something works. I wish you luck and I hope you find something that works.

Dunkin answered on 10/28/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer