My dog has a rash around her butt do you know what this could be?

The rash around her butt is small round red bumps. She is chewing and biting at it . The rash dont go all the way up her tail but she is also chewing on the backside of her tail. Any advice as to what this might be?

Asked by Member 724361 on Sep 2nd 2008 in Health & Wellness
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Peter Parker

Is she "scooting"? Some dogs scoot, or chew at their butts if the anal glands are full. She may need to get her anal glands expressed and that may be the cause of the irritation. Or since fall is just around the corner she may have allergies. There are several good shampoos and sprays out there made by Vibrac for allergy prone skin. You can get them at your vets office and they are fairly inexpensive. What kind of dog is she as some dog have more allergies than others? Other than that she may have sat in something that irritated her behind. I hope this little bit of advice helps you out at least a little bit! Oh also- If it persists there is an "allergy" test you can have done but that is expensive( it's about $300 here in Texas), because if they do have bad allergies they will need a monthly shot.

Peter Parker answered on 9/2/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Sometimes my sheepdogs need a trim around their butt, or else poop will stick to their fur and when they try to wipe themselves in the grass it just makes a big mess. So I take them to my cleaning area, hose down their butt area and get excess poop off, but in it's place is sometimes a rash as if a baby would get from having a dirty diaper. I clean the area good, with gloves on, and apply a soothing cream to cover the rash area. Generally it takes 12-18 hours to clear up and she will not have pain in going to the bathroom anymore.

Bliss answered on 3/20/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer