My dog had puppies but she tried to bury her first one ALIVE! Why did she do that?

After my dog had the first puppy she kept it in her mouth for awile, and then she buried it alive and went to go have her other puppies. I hurried and got the poor puppy and it was still alive, and i bottle fed it and then the next day I gave the pup back to the mother and the mother excepted the pup back. Why did she bury the first pup alive?

Asked by Member 512475 on Oct 10th 2007 Tagged whydidmydogburyherfirstpuppyalive in Other Behavior & Training
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If she is a first time mother or a young dog(leass then a year or 2)then she may not of known what to expect.
It's not to normal for them to bury them but it is normal for them not to know what to doa nd do different things with the pups including kill them.Thank god she didn't so that

Jesse answered on 3/4/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer