my dog gets itchy every summer what are some home remedies to help her

i cant afford to take her to the vet i know that sounds horrible but its true please help any ideas on some home remedies to help

Asked by Member 854469 on Jul 13th 2009 Tagged itchyskin in Allergies
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if she gets itchy every summer it is likely allergies. Its hard to say what you should do without knowing what the allergy is. Your vet may suggest allergy testing, but it is expensive. Since you can't afford that, I would just try to wash your dog with some hypoallergenic shampoo after she has played outside or gone for long walks. Since you only notice it during the summer it must be to some sort of plant or pollen, so try to keep your eye out for plants that could be pollinating around the times she gets itchy and maybe that will help you narrow it down so you can remove these plants from your yard or avoid them during your walks.

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Zack has terrible allergies, and I had to take him to the vet to get him some help. But here are some things you can try:

- Call the vet and ask if you can give benadryl or some other OTC antihistamine, and what dosage. If they've seen your dog before, they may be able to help you over the phone.

- Brush your dog every day.

- Wipe your dog off with a damp rag every time she comes in from being outside.

- Vacuum and dust your house frequently, especially areas where you walk with shoes on (i.e., just inside the door).

- If you spend a lot of time outside, or garden as a hobby, change your clothes before you play with your dog.

- Some people do oatmeal baths or use allergy shampoo. Zack likes cool (not cold) baths in the summer.

- Stay inside when pollen count is highest (early morning and early evening).

- Keep her out of areas with tall grass or weeds. Get rid of weeds in your yard.

- Use an air purifier, air conditioner, and/or a dehumidifier inside.

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♥ Flash ♥

Our Basset Hound mix gets very itchy in the summer and our veternarian told me to use Alpha Keri which we bought at WalMart. You can buy it in the shower/bath section and we put a cap full in a large spray bottle and fill the bottle full of water and shake. The Alpha Keri is for dry skin. Our veternarian also told us to give our dog Benadryl. I usually give him 1/4 teaspoon with a dropper. We've done this for 2 summers now and it has helped. You might want to ask your veternarian about the Benadryl. Hope this helps...

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