My dog eats everything! Please help.

My dog gets into everything. She gets on the counter and steals snacks. She chews books, carpets, my dining room set, EVERYTHING! I've tried everything. I scold her. I try to keep things out of her reach, but she always finds something to get into. I have a ton of toys and rawhides all over the house, but she prefers stuff she's not supposed to have. She's 11 months old. Please help! She is destroying my house and I'm afraid that she's going to get to something she's not going to be able to digest.

Asked by Casey on Jul 15th 2008 Tagged boxer, chewing, eating, behavior in Chewing
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~Emma~ RL1

1st take a deep breath ;)
Now, What a cute puppy!
Are you crate training? I would block off any rooms that she should not have access too. When Emm was younger she was only allowed in whatever room I was in. I blocked off different rooms with baby gates. You have to puppy proof your home, I lost a couple of DVD's before I moved them higher. (some books, shoes, etc. too, BOL)

As far as toys I would only let her have 1 or 2 at a time, just rotate, that way she always has something "new" to chew on. Get a tug toy, or a puzzle toy, those rock. Keep her well exercised, body AND mind. Try training her to do little "tricks," sometimes if you wear her out mentally she won't have the energy to try anything else.

Google Nothing in Life is Free! This is pretty great stuff.
You're like half way out of puppy hood, you're almost there! BOL

~Emma~ RL1 answered on Jul 15th.

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My 5 y/o boxer still steals bread from the counter every chance she gets. The best thing I can tell you is that the sooner you get her into a training program, the better you'll be. Also if she is not getting enough exercise she will find ways to entertain herself. Unfortunately, how she chooses to entertain herself is often destructive.
I've often heard other boxer owners say that a tired boxer is a good boxer

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Champ (2002-2015)

Sounds like she may just be bored. Try taking her for a jog or take her to play a long game of fetch. She should become tired and just want to rest instead of finding things to destroy. If that doesn't help, you can purchase something called bitter apple at the store. It's a spray, and you spray it on the things you don't want her to chew. It tastes horrible to dogs and after she tastes it a few times she probably won't want to chew anymore.

Champ (2002-2015) answered on 7/15/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Puppy proof your home, then select a few special things that the dog absolutely cannot chew on (furniture, carpet) and liberally spray some Bitter Apple on it). Teaching "Off" no matter how many treats it costs you will also be a good investment. Also have lots of other pup chew toys around to substitute for something they shouldn't have.

Deuce answered on 7/16/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Those are all great answers..if anyone ever comes into my house they have to navigate throught series fences(bol). Rotating chew toys is also a must along with the training. not only does the training help you get along with your pup it also gives the pup something to focus on. I would recommend buying a puppy kong. If we hadnt had one of these i am not sure we would any furniture left. it was like a pacifer for max.

Max answered on 7/16/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer