My dog doesnt eat much and is a very finicky eater. She also throws up sometimes. Any suggestions?

Asked by Tootsie on Jan 1st 2008 in Other Food & Nutrition
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Haus R.I.P. my boy I miss you

If this has been going on for a while you may want to visit her Vet for blood work and a physical. If she has a clean bill of health then changing her diet to something all naturla and limited ingredients.This happened to one of my dogs and it turned out that he was allergic to the food he was eating.So i switched him to "Wellness" you can look at their website to see what they offer and where you can buy it. Go to I'm also a Vet Tech.
Sometime you may just need to add a Pepcid daily. Get the proper dose from your Vet.
Also the natural foods cost more but you feed less so it all works out in the end
Good Luck
Karen & The boys

Haus R.I.P. my boy I miss you answered on 1/1/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer

Brenda the Lion

I would be concerned if this loss of appetite is something recent.In that case I would take her to the vet.If this is something that has always been a problem for you then it's a matter of finding a brand of food that is both nutritious and tasty for Tootsie.My dog is like that and didnt like some brands of food, but once you find one she likes and you still struggle then you have to find some other aids.Before gong out I feed my dogs a vitamin paste. You can find it as Nutrical, Nutrigel, or Pet Gold. This is a very tasty caloric paste that contains vitamins and minerals and is recommended for dogs with extra requirements, like puppies, nursing,sick,convalescent or dogs that dont eat well.This also triggers the appetite, be sure to offer her regular food after the supplement.Read the dose. Another tip would be to get her active, play and make her run a bit, have some fresh water near by and her normal food. Activity stimulates the appetite in healthy dogs too.Good luck with Tootsie

Brenda the Lion answered on 1/2/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer