My dog does not like peanut butter, so what should I fill my dog's Kong with?

My dog is a meat lover, and he kind if likes carrots, too.
But I tested to see if he liked these foods, but he didn't.
Peanut butter
What he does like is any meat or dairy ( cheese, milk)
So I was wondering if any of you know what he might like if he doesn't like peanut butter. How should I fill his Kong? What kind of dog ice cream or buscuits should I make?

Asked by Member 1119130 on Jul 5th 2012 Tagged peanut, butter, bananas, apples, treats, milk, cheese, kong, dog, toy, treats, human, food, doesnt, like in Treats
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does he like carrots, green beans ? ice cubes? i would put cooked meat in my dogs kong, but since I'm on a fixed income i cant afford to buy a lot of food for the dogs kong that i could do that. But you can also mix some of the meat as well.Search on google what you can put in a dogs kong just make sure they dont have anything with grapes, raisins, corn, wheat, soy, by-product treats, plums,(or anything with a pit in the center. All those things dogs can have an allergic reaction too, especially the plums, ive read they are deadly to dogs.

Carter answered on Jul 5th.

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You could always find a dairy free custard and put that in it and freeze it. Also you could make a mixture of dry dog food and ground beef and put that in there. You can be VERY creative with the contents of a Kong

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