My dog digs so much what should I do?? HELP!

My dog, Milo, digs alot he twisted my ankle and other people's too help! We added water to them he digs else where and then we added his own poop to it (nasty!) we did everything! He dosn't dig at the fence yet but he keeps trying to catch chipmunks in an abonded hole. HELP ME!!!

Asked by Member 494169 on Dec 26th 2007 Tagged holes, digging, baddog, milo, rattie, ratterrier, help, help, landscaper, new, oldhelp in Digging
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Terriers like Milo were originally bred to hunt and kill vermin such as rats and other small animals living in the earth. (The word terrier comes from the Latin word terra which means earth.) As such, their very genetic makeup tells them to dig after creatures in the ground and hunt them.

The best way to stop that behavior is to make sure Milo gets enough exercise and doesn't get bored. Boredom usually leads to digging as does an overabundance of energy.

It takes a lot to properly tire out a terrier. Just turning him loose in the back yard will not do the trick. He's going to need leashed walks - leashed because he has to use his head as well to walk nicely and follow your directions, which is a lot more difficult than just tearing around the yard. He's going to need structured exercise like playing ball and frisbee, and he's going to need mental exercise like obedience training. EVERY day.

Also, don't leave him outside unsupervised. Correct him for digging and redirect him.

Abby answered on Dec 26th.

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Sharna *2000 - Sep 2007*

Sharna used to dig all the time. What worked for us is putting the dogs feacesin the hole where the dog digs. Make sure that you keep refilling it. Also you could try to burry bricks under the dirt or even put balloons filled with water under the dirt. All of these things worked for us.

Sharna *2000 - Sep 2007* answered on 12/26/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


If you lay chicken fence wire under the dirt it will stop the digging. One the dogs find wire, they stop digging.

Kobe answered on 12/26/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


Well Milo, you are a little rascal! In most cases the reason for digging is to cool off!! Maybe Milo is laying the foundation for a new dog house!! Once again I suggest you read up on the breed of your dog... it is probably indicative (digging) to his breed. If Milo hits "oil" - let us know! LOL

Lucky answered on 12/27/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer

KABX  loves Sammy

What bothers you? Milo digging that particular area or Milo digging at all?
I think you should give Milo a private area to dig. You can determine what is a good place for him to release the terrier inside under the circumstances you allow. Maybe by burying his favorite treats in his special area you can reward him for a good job exercising, training and learning new stuff. I agree, bored dogs can show this behavior of excessive digging. And of course Milo needs more exercise both physical and mental. But also, he is a terrier and was bred to have a particular behavior. Kirstie, m Lab keeps on bringing me possums unharmed and lays them near me. I guess its because she is a Retriever and as long as she is within the limits I allow this is not a problem. And she digs too, I let her have a special area to dig and get her treats from. She doesnt dig anywhere else because there is no fun like in her special digging spot.
Good luck with Milo.

KABX loves Sammy answered on 12/28/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer