My dog craves constant attention and when she is ignored for five minutes, she runs off to the neighbors house.

She also will not come when I call her. We have large dogs running loose in my neighborhood so I really need to put a stop to this behavior. She is very hyper! If anyone can give me some advice/training tips to put an end to this behavior, it would be greatly appreciated..

Asked by PipPip on Dec 10th 2008 Tagged attention, flightly, disobedient in Behavior & Training
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First off, your dog should not be off leash if she does not come back when you call her and/or runs off to the neighbor's house. That's just dangerous.

You may want to consider getting an extendable leash or a cotton long line for play time in the yard, so that you can reinforce the come command and so she cannot run off whenever she feels like it.

How much exercise does your dog get? Both Feists and Dachshunds are hunting dogs. They have a lot of prey drive, love to chase, and need plenty of exercise, even though they are small breeds. You should look at at least two leashed walks a day, of 30 to 45 minutes. In addition to that, training time in the yard and play time, such as chasing a ball or a rag on a stick (the latter being a good "prey" item) for the dog to chase.

Abby answered on Dec 10th.

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Do you exercise her often? Daily walks will help her to calm down and will help you be able to train her how to come to you. You first have to teach her what the command 'come' means. If your dog doesn't totally know the command, she will choose when she wants to listen to you because she doesn't completely understand what you are asking of her. Keep her leashed and sitting in front of you. Tell her to 'come'. Ask the command of her two or three times, giving time in between for her to think about what you are asking. If she doesn't come, pull on the leash and tell her 'come' while you pull. When she does come to you, praise, praise, praise! You have to make sure that the reward is the best thing so she always comes to you. Keeping her on a leash or long line will help you gain control of her and will help make sure that she understands what you are asking her to do. Try teaching the command to her first inside your home, or a place where there are minimal distractions. I would practice with her AFTER you walk her because this will have worn away any energy that could cause her to become too distracted or hyper to pay attention. Please message me if you have any questions.

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