My dog constantly licks the couch, how can I get her to stop? Or why does she do it in the first place?

She is 2 years old. I appreciate any help. Sitting in a wet spot is getting annoying.

Asked by Misty on Jan 12th 2010 in Behavior & Training
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I also have a weim and he licks the couch too. Usually though, only when he finds something that smells good. We lift his chin up everytime he licks and tell him no. This seems to help, but if it is all the time, she may be developing a compulsive issue. Is she getting enough exercise? Does she have a Kong or something to keep her entertained? Or maybe you just need to get your couch cleaned.... especially if she leaks anal juice. Gross I know, but dogs like to lick this stuff up.

Petri answered on Jan 13th.

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