My dog chases cars

Help! My dog chases cars! I am afraid if he ever gets lost or something he will try to chase a car and get hit :( How can I stop him from doing this?

Asked by Caspian on Jul 16th 2013 Tagged cars, chasingcars, help in Other Behavior & Training
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Have you hired a trainer yet? This is another issue that is solved through management & training. Leash him. Work on leave it & recall. Do not let him chase. If there is an accident... YOU are liable, not the driver. Please hire someone or find a group class. You have many issues that can be fixed with time, effort, & guidance

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He can't chase cars unless he is out loose and not under control. I am repeating an answer given to you a few months ago... it still applies!!!
Dogs are not born is a continual work in progress and takes time and effort. With the age of your dog and the number of things you have tried, you have not used any of those training aids long enough to see any results.
With all the behavior issues you seem to be having with Caspian I would STRONGLY suggest you enroll yourself and him in a good, positive based training program where someone who is a professional can watch you and give you hands on help.
There is no way any of us can tell you how to train your dog over the is something which requires observation and continual work. More important than what collar or leash or whatever you use is your relationship with your dog and this can best be developed by participating in a class with a knowledgeable instructor. The price of the class is probably less than you have spent on training aids so far and a good class will help you solve most of the issues you are posting about here.
Good luck!

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When walking with your dog, make sure you walk with him on a leash. Also, it would be likely that your dog would be pulling and tugging to chase cars. That is why, it is essential for you as your dog's owner to take the time to train your dog to follow rather than lead you. Behavioral training is the answer.

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Keep him up, keep him contained. Quit allowing him to run loose. Take responsibility for him. Contact a trainer.

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