My dog ate half a bowl of wrapped candy before 4pm today. He threw up twice after 11 & is acting oddly.

He is approx 8 years old. I realized after he vomited there were candy wrappers in it. He had to have eaten them before we got home from work because my fiance thought I had ate the candy & I assumed he ate the candy. Well now he (the dog) is lethargic & is reacting extremely slowly to things he normally jumps over. He has eaten candy in the past & I've contacted my vet & they told me he would vomit & clear itself out. The last time it happened, he did not behave like this after throwing up.

Asked by Member 710172 on Aug 18th 2008 Tagged candy, behavior, wrappers in Emergencies & First Aid
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first of all, call the vet

there are a few things that could be wrong, including, but not limited to:
*there are candy wrappers stuck in his airway/throat... this happened to one of our pets previously and we didnt know until after she died.
*he could have eaten a specific kind of sweetener that is poisonous to dogs (i forget what its called but it starts with an x)

he needs to be seen asap.

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