my dog ate a sewing needle and I didn't know about it, and then he puked it up yesterday morning. What should I do? he

I had been hemming my husbands pants, and didn't know the sewing needle and thread went missing, since I had already finished, and then the following morning, Yesterday morning, he was coughing loudly and didn't pay any mind to it, and then later when I woke up, I found a wad of sticky stuff and thread with the needle in it. And he seemed fine otherwise, but Today He pooed before I fed him and then After I fed him, he didn't poo again, I had him out for a while. He is a mix breed baby boy, he's almost 7 months old. Any suggestions, or am i over concerned?

Asked by Member 984544 on Apr 30th 2010 Tagged swallowedasewingneedle, irregularfecespoopcycle in Health & Wellness
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I totally agree with Gidget that it's quite lucky he vomited it up.

But I'd be very worried about anything it may have pierced along the way.

You should call your vet for advice even if he seems ok right now. I say this because it's important, especially with the weekend coming up, that you know what signs to look for and also that you have a plan of action in case he shows signs of intestinal puncture or internal bleeding.

Your vet may or may not want to see him and there are a few tests that can be done to determine whether or not he has any internal injury. The vet would decide the best course of action.

But in terms of being overly concerned....I don't honestly think that's possible in a case like this. It's very concerning and I don't blame you for being worried. There's a possibility he's just fine, but why take that risk when you can take action now to help prevent a disaster, would be my take on it.

Please come back and let us know how he is doing!

Jack answered on Apr 30th.

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This is tough to say. It is really good that he vomited it back up, but I know you are now concerned if it may have punctured anything.

If it were me, I would watch ever so closely to any unexplained changed in bowel habits, consistancy and formation. I would also pay close attention to any change of behavior, as if he isn't feeling well.

Internal punctures, may release blood in urine/vomit or stool, but don't rely on this, sometimes it is well hidden.

If your dog continues to act fine for the next several days, then I would venture to say he is very lucky. Since it is coming up on the weekend, you might make sure you have the number to your on call vet, or be prepared to make a visit to an emergency clinic should any change take place over the weekend.

I truly hope he is fine and you have no further problems, but watch super closely, you can never know about these things, and you just don't want to be too late.

Gidget answered on 4/30/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I had a cat do this while I was out of town for the day a few years ago, only he didn't throw it up. He coughed up a little blood into his food dish and I grabbed him and high tailed it to the vet. They took an xray and it revealed a sewing needle, complete with thread lodged in his thoat just past his larynx. The vet lightly sedated him and just pulled it out. He was very lucky it lodged where it was and didn't need surgery. He got a week on antibiotics and several days of soft food. Everything turned out well!

I'd call your vet to at very least let them know as to be "on call" just in case. They will also be able to tell you tell tail signs to watch for. The only thing I would worry about is if he stops pooping. He might have swallowed something else along with the needle, say a bit of left over fabric?? Spool of thread?? Keep a really close eye on him!

Hope he gets better!

Isy answered on 5/1/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer