My Dog almost killed my other dog!!!!

i have 2 eng. mastifs and 1 bulldog. The 2 mastiffs are 9 months old (sisters)and my bull dog is 4. One of the mastiffs went crazy on my bulldog. Its happened a few times before but nothin this crazy. We thought it was natural dog fighting over toys. I am in Shock because this mastiff fought tonight like it was to kill. I have never seen anything like this before. It took 4 people to pull and hit the dog off and let go of my poor bull dog. I am afraid that the other Mastiff saw this and is going to turn on my or my mom. I am afraid and in shock. We are calling the animal control to take the dog. I am embrassed because we are a good family who takes good care of our dogs. Do bad pups sometimes just happen??

Asked by Member 565208 on Feb 1st 2008 in Behavior & Training
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Takaya Lee Carr

#1 are all your kids fixed ?

#2 are they in training classes ?

#3 sorry but here we go again. Since this behaviour had been noticed before. Was there an adult present supervising play time with the dogs. ( activly supervising ) to help train the dogs that that behaviour was not acceptable. or were the dogs left to there own devices ?

#4 if the answer to #2 is NO and the answer to #3 is that no one was supervising the dogs to correct bad behaviour. and to head off any situation that may arise. since obiviously this bad behaviour has reared it's head before and was a known factor. then the dogs are not at fault, the owners are. for not taking the approperiate steps to train their dogs and provide a safe enviorment.

Try calling a trainer or behaviourist like responsible pet owners before calling animal control.

they can show you what you are doing wrong. and start on training.

Takaya Lee Carr answered on 2/1/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Lacey Luv

In any multi dog home, there is going tobe some aggression to assume pack order. In dogs as large as mastiffs, you need to have absolute control and understand the behaviors that will occur before committing to be a multi dog household. At 9 months, your girls are entering thier hormonal period which I am sure contributed. Was there food involved? Toys? Bones? There are a whole slew of behaviors that could have contributed. But, if you are sure that you cannot control the situation, surrendering her may be best and assure that she goes to a home as the only dog.

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You got some good advice - also the part where you said you are afraid they'll "turn on you" - I HAD to respond. Dog aggression and human aggression are two TOTALLY DIFFERENT THINGS. I do not understand how this myth continues to be perpetuated. Just because your dog attacks another dog does NOT mean it will go after you next. You do not specify what type of Mastiff - but many Mastiffs are known for dog aggressive nature (such as the Bullmastiff). If this dog HAS displayed human aggression in the past then that is a problem, but different from this one.

In a 3-dog household you should really be doing obedience training, routine schedules, etc.... if you have noticed this behavior before it would have been best to call a behaviorist before it escalated into this.

Your dog is not a "bad pup".

If you are unprepared to deal with this, and do not want to look into training options, try calling a breed rescue before letting Animal Control cart him away to a possible death.

Kolbe answered on 2/1/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

RIP Brute

Kolbe- the OP stated they are "eng mastiffs"

Where are you located? I'm sorry that your bulldog was hurt but to call animal control to pick up you 9 month old puppy is NOT a good family who takes care their dogs. Also the dog is not a bad pup. It is natural for dogs to fight and if they started doing this no matter how minor it seemed and you did nothing to show that you are the boss the dog feels like she must take that position. I urge you not to let animal control take the dog. That is a guranteed death sentence. Please tell me where you are located and I will see of I can help you or contact a rescue that can.

I also think you should consider giving up your other mastiff. These dogs take special owners and special training that never ends.

RIP Brute answered on 2/1/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


You have 3 powerful breeds. Something started the fight, probably your bulldog is used to being boss over the mastiff and now that the mastiff is getting older, she decided that SHE was going to be the boss. Thanks to all the other posters-dog aggression is totally different from people aggression-and your dogs aren't going to turn on you. It's not the dog's fault, and if you tell animal control that you fear he's going to turn on you, they will put her down. Dogs are dogs and you need to get the household under control or the same thing is going to happen with your other mastiff. People think mastiffs are big dopey lovable breeds...yes, they are..but they are powerful, strong, stubborn, and smarter than people think! think about what both bulldogs and mastiffs are bred for. Your bulldog is not blameless, but she has been #1 dog for 4 years and doesn't want to change that. You need to be able to control the dogs or you're going to have a problem when the mastiff weighs 200lbs!

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Haus R.I.P. my boy I miss you

ARE YOU KIDDING!!!!!! Kidding in the way of u just called the dog control 2 come&get the dog instead of trying 2 help the dog.U should have never bought a dog you couldn't handle!If u had no past experience with working breeds u should have read up on or talk 2 professional breeders before u got it not just one but 2 from the same litter&probably with no proper training.U just can't get a 180 pound dog without taking some kind of responsiblity in training.This is more then likely your fault not the fault of the dog or the breeder.It is not uncommon 4 a working dog to test limits with the other DOGS in the house.THis is more then likely dog aggression &will not transfer 2 people.This dog needs 2 B rehomed in a place that it can get the training it needs not be put to sleep by the useless(most of the time)dog control!Give the dog a chance!There is no chance when turned into the dog control,they will put the dog to sleep no questions ask!!!Not smart of you.Own up to this don't pass it on

Haus R.I.P. my boy I miss you answered on 2/1/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I agree with Haus why? Because do you even KNOW what will happen if you call animal control?? They take bahavuer tests and if the dog acts very aggsivly like milo, my rattie, they will NOT get a 2nd chance at life..... they will atomatically be PTS. :-( Please try to HELP her/him before you call. I agree with ALL of the answers but PLEASE THINK ABOUT BEFORE YOU DECIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I have to agree with Atlas. You have no business owning large breed dogs (or any dogs at all) if you have no knowledge of the breed or dog behavior in general.
What may have happened is something called "predatory shift." When 2 dogs are interacting (playing, hanging) - if one of the dogs makes a sound that the other dog does not register as a "dog" sound, it may attack the other dog because it views it as prey. A second later the dog that attacked could just go back to behaving normally with no recollection that it just killed or injured another dog. That is because dogs "live in the moment." This is also the reason you do not scold a dog for crapping in the house or chewing your shoes UNLESS you catch them in the act. Good luck with your dogs.

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