Dutchess Roliena Skyvy

my dog all of a sudden is getting antsy

about a month ago my dog went into heat now she is getting antsy when i bring her in a night and last night i had acadently dropped my phone in her cage it was pretty dark so i open the cage and she started to growl at me when i reached for my phone she stopped when i told her to but then she started to whimper so i stuck my fingers in her cage like i usually do but then she growled real menacingly at me and again she stopped when i told her to but its starting to worry me cause she shouldn't be pregnant and even if she was the puppies shouldn't be do so soon does anyone know what the matter is she is a very healthy dog she has perfectly healthy teeth perfectly healthy gums and she weighs just a little below the normal weight for her breed but im working on fating her up again since i took her out of our backyard away from all of our other dogs. can someone plz help me shes never done any of this before and neither have any of our other dogs that we used to breed or owned in the past

Asked by Dutchess Roliena Skyvy on Sep 17th 2012 in Aggression
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