My doberman is not gaining any weight for the longest while here's the page

IDK he's been at this same size for 8 months

Asked by Lucky on Aug 13th 2009 Tagged toothin in Vitamin Supplements
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In the picture, he does look a little on the thin side. If you have talked to the vet about it, and the vet doesn't see a problem, you might better let well enough alone. Evaluate him as in I think Dobes are one of the breeds that tend to keep themselves on the thin side. Lean dogs live longer.

Aster answered on 8/13/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Is the age on your dog's profile correct? If so, that would mean he has been the same size since he was 2 months old ... I don't think that's right.

That said, it is really hard to judge his body condition from this photo because we can't actually see any of his body. Can you post a photo showing him from the side?

In a health dog, you should be able to very easily feel all the ribs.

Seeing the last rib or two is okay if your dog is very young (less than 3 years old), as dogs tend to fill out more with age, or if your dog is a sporting or working dog, as you would want to keep them on the lighter end of things.

If you can see more than the last two ribs, I would be concerned. My first stop would be a trip to the vet to have him tested for parasites and possibly worming, especially if he lives outside and you don't frequently worm normally.

Abby answered on 8/13/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


Here is a link with much info.
Also scroll down and you will see a pic of a younger dog standing sideways.
They should have a physical fit body from side view but you should not be able to see every rib.
And the link will give you estimates of size at adult hood.
If he is underweight and lagging behind in growth the first thing to do is go to the vet asap. They can take samples and look him over to determine what is causing his lack of growth or weight.
Large breeds have growth spells, some of them are usually every 2 months Your photo is not a good one so it is hard to say. Males should be a little wider and heavier than the females.
Without their permission I can not give you any of my friends dog's photos , but look on the internet at the breeder's pages and compare your dog to dog's his own age and if you are concerned I would go soon to the vet with him good luck to you.

Dieta answered on 8/13/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Dobermans are dogs that stay on the thin side. It is ok and actual preferable to see some of his ribs. If you can see all of them distinctively than he should probably pack on a few pounds, but as others have said if the Vet thinks Lucky is good than I'm sure he is a-ok! :D

Mom says to just make sure he is on a good food specifically for large breeds that way the calcium and phosphorous are at optimum levels. Mom likes foods like Nutro that have no chicken byproducts, ground yellow corn, artificial colors or preservitives and have a protein source as the first ingredient as well as 3.5% linoleic acid in the guarenteed analysis! That way you get all the protein you need, your pawrents don't have to spend all their time doing back yard clean up and you get a nice shiny coat! She recommends trying the Ultra line! It has three protein sources, and lots of superfoods filled with antioxidants like blueberries and pomegranate!

Check it out at:

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