My DOB is now 5 month old, I was giving him Royal Canine german shepherd special. Its costs more and he don't like kibbl

My German Shepherd male puppy is 5 month old. He don't like to eat kibble, I am feeding him kibble from last 2 month. I'm obeying routin (9 AM, 4 PM, 10 PM). But still he don't shows interest to kibble. He is underweight. But he like row vegitable (Carrot, Orange) and Meat (Boiled). Can I feed him meat insted of kibble. and if How much should I feed. He is 18 Inch tall and 32 Lbs.

Asked by Dob on Mar 25th 2012 Tagged meat, kibble, gsd, germanshepherd in Raw Food
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Cookies 'n' Creme (1998-2011)

I was going to suggest the usual "tough love" method where the dog doesn't get to eat anything else until he eats the kibble (it's usually the best method)...but if he is in fact underweight, that's not the route to go. (If you haven't already, though, I'd recommending getting the vet's opinion on his weight, just to be sure. My GSD weighed 75 lb when at an ideal weight and full-grown, so 32 lb for a 4 month old puppy doesn't sound unreasonable.)

Have you tried mixing meat and other things he likes in with the kibble? Works for most dogs.

And, actually, you can feed him a diet made up of meat, but there's more to it than that and feeding this diet correctly is considerably more work than feeding kibble. And you do have to do your research before feeding it. That said, once you know what to do, it's not difficult.
If you want to know more, come on over and talk to us down in the raw and homecooking forums:
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Royal canine is an ok food. But maybe try something else to see if he may like that a bit better. Maybe something that has a bit better protein and not as much corn in it. I have a 9 Month puppy right now,and he also looks very thin. But he just burns what he eats off. I have seen this before. a puppy will look thin until they get mature and then they will muscle out. I wish you the best, and I hope you find something he likes better to eat.

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