My daughter adopted a pug/pom/shih fives months ago how can I make her understand that shih is not just an animal?

Shortly after josie her boyfriend got a labrador puppy which resulted in a dislocated knee for josie. they got rid of the lab and adopted a two year old, previously abused, not spade female blue pit bull. Josie likes to play but when the bull gets frisky she runs for cover and doesnt come out. One week ago josie fell out of my daughters car window as she was going around a corner and fractured her pelvis in two places. My husband and I have no animals and we love josie so we told daughter josie could stay with us until better. When she comes to visit she brings the bull which eats any food set out for josie, drinks her water, chews on her bones and toys all while my daughter tries to hold josie still. When she leaves josie seems more depressed than she does when my daughter comes alone. Daughter thinks I am being dumb and knows that josie loves to see the bull. Am I wrong?

Asked by Member 1170062 on May 13th 2013 Tagged emotions in Health & Safety
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