my dachshund (18 lbs) is traveling with me for first time from Fl to Chicago. Would she fit under the seat?

when we travel by car on the interstate at 70 miles/hr she gets nervous, would she be fine in a plane?

Asked by Member 1067327 on Oct 30th 2011 in Travel & Recreation
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while traveling in a car a dog should always be in a crate. I know they have dog seat belts and dog seats. I don't find them safer then crates.
I travel with my dog on interstates, she's crated. but a serious crash still won't prevent injuries. we had a k9 car here have a huge suv roll on top of it, it killed the k9 and the officer. :(
but a crate is better then no crate.
a dog is not like our bodies they don't have wide set shoulders.
Some flights allow dogs under seats but not all check with them.
and if not they go to cargo.
they have to have health certificate, a crate big enough to stand and turn around, line it with newspapers, it has to have a water dish and a food dish, and bring along extra newspapers or towels, stress and fear makes the dog have accidents. good luck

Dieta answered on 10/31/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer