My Choc Lab died from complications after applying K9 advantix. I do not want to use chemicals on my Cairn. Options?

On Sunday I put Advantix as directed between the shoulder blades of my Chocolate Lab and Cairn Terrier. My Cairn had no reaction. My Lab did. She just turned 8, she was sweet and kind and everything a Lab should be. Monday she would not eat and barely drank. We were concerned but because she drank some we were not worried, just concerned. Tuesday morning she vomitted and would not move, she looked stoned and we took her to an animal hospital. They treated her for a reaction and her symptoms. Oxygen mask, I.V., etc... By the end of the day she was having seizures and was moved to an overnight facility to be under watch. Her situation worsened and by mid-day on Wednesday she had passed away. I must note she was an indoor dog, not subject to chemicals, a healthy weight, great demeanor, and has not ever had medical problems. So, why in 72 hours did I lose my friend? Neither I nor the vet knows. All I know is that she was an amazing dog and we loved her dearly.

Asked by Member 830076 on Jun 24th 2009 in Flea & Tick Prevention
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