my chihuahua was walking in cirles his eyes were bugged out and he looked as if he couldnt keep his balance what would c

I came home to find my 8 month chihuahua walking in cirles kind of off balance and then he would lay flat on the ground as if he was dizzy his poor little eyes were the pupils were the size of his eyes normally they looked bugged out and it was as if he could hear what was going on around him but couldnt see who was talking and he was scared I took him to the er and they gave him a steroid shot and an antibiotic sent us hiome with some valuim and said to an appointment with our vet if it cont. well about a week later it happened again just not such a degree as the last time. There was nobody at home just him and his brother so what could have caused this to happen

Asked by Member 1141226 on Nov 18th 2012 Tagged health in Health & Wellness
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I think I would have the dog tested at your vet to see what may be wrong

Seth answered on 11/19/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer