My Chihauhau is afraid to go outside since we moved. I carried her out and it got worse--is a basket case indoors also

I forced her to go a block away with me by carrying her and then we sat out in yard she shook the whole time but I was with her and holding her. She only goes out if it's to car. Indoors now she has to have fave toy with her constantly and whines if she puts it down to eat a treat. I can't be more than 2 ft away from her or she whines.

Asked by Member 998546 on Jul 27th 2010 in Fears & Phobias
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Well it depends on where you were and where you moved too. If she had lived somewhere her whole life, and got used to the climate, and the environment, then that might explain why she is acting like this. If you moved into an old house, like one from when there were slaves, then that could be to blame. Some old slave houses had connections to other buivldings that got torn down, so the people would close it off and sometimes there would be things inside there like tables and such that would rot away, and your dog might be smelling that. Also in some old houses there are a few secret passage ways, and secret rooms that would have thingbs in them that people didn't wan't to be found, so your dog could be senseing that too. Or your dog could just not be used to the house so to ake your dog feel comfy outside you should give her a treat when she goes outside.
(I'm not saying for sure, that's what it is, I'm just saying it's possible.)

Spike answered on 7/28/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


how old?
this is fixable, but takes long time for some dogs
I would not hold her that is a reward, sorry, but it is.
You have to ignore bad behavior and reward only good stuff.
Walking a very unconfident dog does help. If it is a baby you can't do much walking, just some until her body can handle it.
Carrying her around will not help her also. Some dogs who are nervous and unsure will be fearful of their own environment. I would enroll her in a puppy 101 class and bring lots of good food. No dry treats those are too dry to swallow and have no value.
Use cooked chicken or buy some beef hotdogs, dice them finely.
Go out with her in the yard and toss food in the grass, like the hotdogs, let her explore and use her mind to find them, if you want and she doesn't get it, point at them. when she finds them praise her use a normal tone voice and talk to her like she did a great job.
tossing food away makes them gain independence too.:)

Dieta answered on 7/28/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer