My boyfriend and I lived together for two years. One of those years we lived with our collective dogs.

We decided to break up and he left the house promising to return and get his 4 year old male shitsu the following week. Well that was three months ago. My question is after what period of time to I have the rightto ownership? After about three weeks I had him neutered.
I really like this little guy. He is cheerful and gets along with my two big dogs. I'd like to keep him so I was wondering if anyone had some thoughts or tid bits of knowledge to throw my way.
Thanks and happy spring.

Asked by Maxi on Apr 12th 2010 in Adoption & Rescue
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Have you had any contact with the ex? If so, has he mentioned the dog? Check the laws in your area regarding abandoned property (sadly, unless otherwise specified, pets are considered property by the law) - if he wants to your ex can make things difficult.

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Stuff like this varies by your area. You'd need to look up the laws you your specific state/county/city.

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Max (aka Sebastian)

save all your reciepts for medical care, food, grooming, supplies etc. That way if he wants to be difficuilt, you can be too, you can require he pay you back all money spent on his dog (if he trys to reclaim it)
The abandoment laws would be smart to check out, and your reciepts could also show proof of abandonment since he left and has not offered to pay for any of the dog's upkeep or needs.
Where you live do dogs have to be registered, if so contact that office and find out what proof you need to change ownership on registrations. Also call your vet's office and see who they have listed on the dog's medical records, have them change it to just your name that way you have proof that it is you providing medical care.
Good luck.

Max (aka Sebastian) answered on 4/13/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I think the first answer would be your best shot. Get it in writing when she comes with the dog.
Make it so where she has to come on certain days and you go pick him up and she comes to get him don't leave out details. Make sure she agrees to share him 50/50 or whatnot and that you save all your receipts for medical bills.
If you could prove you pay for everything, pics and the dog is really yours you could try to take her to court but why not talk to her and come up with a solution most judges won't care.
I hope you get to see him more.

Dieta answered on 4/13/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


In both NH and VT 10 business days is the length of time a stray (or abandoned dog)must be held prior to assuming ownership. The only other stipulation is that you must post notice of having the dog in your possesion in a public place, ie the town hall or local newspaper. If you know the owner, you must send a certified letter stating that unless the dog is claimed within 10 days (state the date here), and all outstanding fees and charges are paid, the dog will become the property of (your name). Send this certified and keep a copy and just wait. This same letter is what we use at our boarding kennel for abandoned dogs and it is legal and has stood up in court challenges.

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