my blue nose pit is pregnant. Is it common to see her spine ? she eats plenty of food. She is about about midway thro

Asked by Member 1156580 on Feb 22nd 2013 Tagged complicationswithspine in Pregnancy
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No, you should NOT see her spine while she is pregnant. She should be allowed to eat all she will of a high quality, meat based kibble. Many breeders switch their pregnant dogs over to puppy food since it is higher in nutritional value pound for pound. If she doesn't eat enough to keep her ribs covered and her spine NOT showing, you will need to supplement her with canned food or even extra meat such as hamburger or ground chicken or the like added to her regular food daily.
If she is too thin BEFORE she has the pups, she will be unable to provide enough milk to keep them alive once they are born.
When was her last vet check including a check for worms or other parasites? That should have been done prior to the breeding, but if it was not, it is now time to get that done immediately. Any worms or internal parasites she may have will also cause problems with her weight as well as infect the unborn puppies.

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